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Oxfam Canada – Oxfam Unwrapped Campaign 2016

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December, 2016


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Great Lakes Initiative: Greatness – Collateral

thumb_great-lakes_101103_greatness-colat_03 thumb_great-lakes_101103_greatness-colat_05 thumb_great-lakes_101103_greatness-colat_06 Greatness ~ The Great Lakes Project celebrates the majesty and meaning of the Great Lakes. The initiative is dedicated to inspiring and mobilizing communities, businesses, organizations and governments to do what’s necessary to protect, conserve and celebrate them.


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Canadian Museum of Nature: Reptiles – Exterior Signage

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University of Windsor: Promise Campaign

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Canadian Museum of Nature: Ultimate Dinos – Exterior Signage

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National Arts Centre: Architectural Rejuvenation Hoarding



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The Royal Conservatory of Music: 2016.17 Concert Season

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Oxfam Canada – International Women’s Day Campaign

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March, 2016 What does it mean to be a feminist in 2016? This is what Oxfam Canada asked Canadians on International Women’s Day. STC’s campaign included print advertising, social media, an interactive microsite populated by user-generated content and street events in key markets across the country.


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