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100 Wellington Street, Ottawa – Banners

100Wellington_105007_Indigenous_01 100Wellington_105007_Indigenous_02

June 2017 In celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day in Ottawa, the former U.S. embassy at 100 Wellington Street was dedicated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a new space for Indigenous Peoples. STC was proud to design a tryptych of banners for the occasion.


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Postal Station B, Ottawa – Building Wrap


March 2017 Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) are dedicated to preserving some of our capital’s finest landmarks, including Parliament Hill’s Postal Station B, at the corner of Sparks and Elgin Street.This restoration and rehabilitation project, part of PSPC’s Long Term Vision and Plan, will coincide with Canada’s 150th anniversary. STC is proud to help PSPC build on our past for tomorrow.


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University of Windsor – Promise Campaign

thumb_Windsor_Promis_Ad_01 thumb_Windsor_Promis_Ad_02 thumb_Windsor_Promis_Ad_03 thumb_Windsor_Promis_Ad_04


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National Arts Centre: National Creation Fund

thumb_NAC_NCF_CFS_01 thumb_NAC_NCF_CFS_02 thumb_NAC_NCF_CFS_03


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Shin Sugino – Photo Exhibition Catalogue

thumb_Shin-Sugino_87558_Re-Vision-Book_01 thumb_Shin-Sugino_87558_Re-Vision-Book_02


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Oxfam Canada – Oxfam Unwrapped Campaign 2016

thumb_oc_uw_2016_01 thumb_oc_uw_2016_02 thumb_oc_uw_2016_03

December, 2016


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Great Lakes Initiative: Greatness – Collateral

thumb_great-lakes_101103_greatness-colat_03 thumb_great-lakes_101103_greatness-colat_05 thumb_great-lakes_101103_greatness-colat_06 Greatness ~ The Great Lakes Project celebrates the majesty and meaning of the Great Lakes. The initiative is dedicated to inspiring and mobilizing communities, businesses, organizations and governments to do what’s necessary to protect, conserve and celebrate them.


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Canadian Museum of Nature: Reptiles – Exterior Signage

thumb_cmn_96969_reptiles_outdoor-signage_02 thumb_cmn_96969_reptiles_outdoor-signage_03 thumb_cmn_96969_reptiles_outdoor-signage_05 thumb_cmn_96969_reptiles_outdoor-signage_06


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