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City of Mississauga — Economic Development Campaign

The Mayor really likes the new campaign. I’m really proud of this campaign and look forward to winning some awards!! Thanks to you and your team for doing such great work.

Bonnie Brown, Ec.D., Director, Economic Development, City of Mississauga

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Mississauga Ad
Mississauga Ad

Businesses are built on ideas and people. Innovation, ambition, talent and passion – you’ll find it all in Mississauga – but more importantly, you’ll find a nurturing environment teeming with opportunity. We’re here for the small business owner and the global CEO. It’s all happening right now in Mississauga.
This is a place that’s connected and without limits.

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Thank you all for your contributions to our campaign and turning an impossible ask with an aggressive timeline into something sustainable, living and dynamic. I am excited to carry on what you have developed us and hope to land the next Fortune 500. You can officially call yourselves economic developers.

Jordan Do Rego, Economic Development, City of Mississauga

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