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Niagara Parks

In 2017, Niagara Parks, a 133 year-old agency of the province of Ontario, successfully launched our new brand. This could not have been done without the expertise and guidance of Scott Thornley + Company. The steadfast team at STC approached our project with unrivalled insight, and focused attention to the uniqueness of our products, services, experiences, landscapes and history. With open ears and expert vision, STC guided us through the process of auditing our former brand, shaping our identity, crafting a rich brand story, and developing an engaging and vibrant new visual identity and themes. We are grateful for the talent, knowledge, and leadership they provided us through this process, and strongly recommend their services.

David Adames, COO, Niagara Parks Commission

Niagara Parks Posters

Once upon a time a group of people came together to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of Niagara Falls and the Niagara River corridor. These visionaries recognized something special in the environment that they wanted to preserve. A treasure and cultural heritage they wanted to protect. This was to be a place of reflection, of beauty and of natural wonder. Not a place of crass commercialism. No hucksters here!

While the borders may not be immediately recognizable or known, and the organization has evolved from its inception, these values remain steadfast. It’s the reason the Niagara Parks Commission exists, and the values of preservation, conservation and stewardship need to inform everything that the organization says and does.

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