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For our team at KCI, STC is truly our brand ‘partner’ in every sense of the word. From strategy to creative to design execution, we deeply value STC’s great insights, unique ideas and expert project management. 

Their understanding of our firm and the non-profit sector has allowed them to effectively collaborate with us on a look, feel, and tone for our ‘brand refresh’ that captures the essence of KCI. Our KCI team is thrilled, and our clients are excited about What’s Next. Thank you STC for the essential role you continue to play in helping us bring our new brand to life!

Paul Koreen, Partner / Chief Operating Officer, KCI

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What’s Next for the non-profit sector, for your organization, for your career?
What’s Next is what we are all about.
The nature of the Canadian charitable sector has changed – irreversibly. New ideas, new models, new technologies, new generations and new Canadians present new opportunities and challenges for Canadian charities. Where do we go from here?

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