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University of Toronto — Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education

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University of Toronto — Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre


University of Toronto — Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

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University of Toronto — Faculty of Information

The Faculty of Information has changed a lot over the last decade and we needed people to understand who we are now and what we do. STC partnered with us to create an edgy and exciting brand that conveys what we’re all about. The rebranding process converted me from a brand skeptic into a brand champion. Thank you for our wonderful brand.

Wendy Duff, Dean, University of Toronto — Faculty of Information

Information is Everywhere. Experts are Few.
The Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto is one of the world’s most important information and knowledge management schools. We ask tough questions for the benefit of society and our students. Located in the heart of Canada’s most diverse and dynamic city, our programs are led by leading researchers and faculty across multiple disciplines and result in exceptional research and career opportunities. We are the centre for information professions and we are leading research that matters.
We Study Information.

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One of the best successes at the Faculty of Information is our new brand.

I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism – and brilliance – in the development, execution, and ongoing iterations.

Barbara Brown, Assistant Dean, Registrarial & Student Services,

University of Toronto — Faculty of Information

University of Toronto — Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy 

I feel like we’ve achieved a lot in a short period of time. I really appreciate everything STC brought to the project and how you helped us find our way forward. 

Kate Richards Director, Communications Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

LDFP Transit Shelter
LDFP Transit Shelter


STC was able to corral a group of highly independent and outspoken academics and administrators and help us to find our common ground and a shared identity — and our enthusiasm and excitement for what we can accomplish when we come together. 

Zubin Austin, Professor Academic Director, Centre for Practice Excellence The Murray B. Koffler Chair in Pharmacy Management 

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University of Toronto — Massey College

Massey College is a graduate residential college at the University of Toronto that was officially opened in 1963. STC was chosen by Massey College to develop a new identity for the college. Following extensive engagement of the many dynamic students, Fellows and alumni who are connected to (and very personally attached to) the college, STC developed a new logo and brand platform that is both forward looking and respectful of the college’s history.
The brand visualizes the interdisciplinary and intergenerational nature of Massey College
— a place where people and ideas intersect — through graphic elements and a logo that
echo architectural details that would be instantly familiar to people familiar with the college.


Massey College is such a multi-faceted place, we struggled for years with how to tell our whole story in a way that was concise, but interesting and engaging, capturing the dynamism of the people, discussions and programs taking place at the College every day. We are very happy with the new brand identity that STC created for us. The team at STC took the time to really

listen and understand our community and programs — discussions with staff, Junior and

Senior Fellows, Quadrangle Society members and the many people that make Massey

magical — and it really shows. STC created a compelling identity for our interdisciplinary, intergenerational organization, incorporating forms and colours reflective of our building’s architecture and history. A place where people and ideas really do intersect. If you’re

in post-secondary, research or another sector that resists over-simplification I happily

recommend the team of storytellers at STC.”

Catherine Fowler, Chief Administrative Officer & Bursar


The new brand was embraced by the entire College community, with the CAO making coasters as giveaways.


University of Toronto —

Asian Institute, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy


Asia is home to more than half the world's population. Its cultural and historical complexity is endless, its economic growth unprecedented, and its global influence unmatched. Our job is to understand it better.

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