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The Ottawa Mission

Your team did a great job. It has been awesome working with you. Excited to keep rolling things out and telling the story. STC went over the top to deliver a great product.

Sean Wong, Executive Director, The Ottawa Mission

Why do we do what we do? To get to the heart of The Mission look no further than the people we serve. Their stories are our story.
Join our Mission! We can change the lives of people who are homeless and poor in Ottawa. We only need one more thing: You.

Thanks for the case for support book. I really like the stories – they feel so genuine, I am sure because they are. Many times I read this stuff and it is too “marketing” – this feels so much more real (their words/not ours) to me which I prefer. It really comes across that the OM cares…which I think is critical to who we are.

Lynn Plunkett, Board Member, The Ottawa Mission

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