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Canadian Museum of Nature

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This wouldn't have been possible without your work. I have to give you guys credit for building such a great and bold brand personality for us. (In response to a major donation to the Museum.)

John Swettenham, Director of Marketing and Media Relations, Canadian Museum of Nature

CMN Arctic Bus Shelter
CMN Arctic TSA

At the Canadian Museum of Nature you can explore the entire country in one place. Here, you’ll encounter the true north’s legendary mammals, along with dinosaurs of all types — the carnivorous, the frilled and the feathered. Looking beneath the surface of our lakes and oceans, you’ll be surprised by a world seldom seen. Enjoy a close encounter with Canada's birds, mammals and live insects, featuring leading-edge exhibit technology and a collection recognized internationally for its inspiring beauty and scientific rigor. A captivating journey in time and nature!

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Quite simply, “I LOVE IT!!” It makes me proud! It’s exactly how we need to present ourselves. It’s bold, powerful and makes you want to know who and what the Canadian Museum of Nature is. We will definitely capture people’s attention and create the awe and inspiration that we need to reveal one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. Dreams do come true! This is outstanding work! STC, you are, in a word, AWESOME!

Kim Curran, Director, Development and Partnership Services, Canadian Museum of Nature

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