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Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association:
2014 Campaign – TV Commercials

May 21, 2014 “I saw the commercial! It looks great! I was getting ready for school this morning and my mom comes out of her room to tell me that her friends saw me on TV! And now everyone is texting me and tweeting at me about being on TV! It’s really weird and funny! Anyway, thank you so much for everything you have done! Hopefully the campaign works and people really think before they vote this year!”

Jennah, Grade 9


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Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association:
2014 Campaign – Microsite


May, 2014


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Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association:
2014 Campaign – Outdoor Signage


May, 2014


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Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association:
2014 Campaign – Union Station Domination


May, 2014


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National Theatre: War Horse – Theatre Signage and Skinning


April, 2014 “Without question, the best front of house in the West End!”

Heather Epple, Director, UK and International Marketing, National Theatre


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Canadian Medical Association:
Choosing Wisely Canada – Launch Campaign


April 2, 2014  In a first for Canada, nine national medical organizations today released lists of 40 tests, treatments and procedures that patients do not need in all circumstances. The lists have been developed to spur dialogue between doctors and their patients and to ensure delivery of high-quality medical care. The lists are based on definitive evidence that these specific interventions provide no benefit to patients. They are the foundation of Choosing Wisely Canada, an awareness campaign launched today to help physicians and patients engage in conversations to make smart and effective choices to ensure high-quality care.

The national campaign, developed in partnership with Scott Thornley + Company, will be featured in print, online, television and radio. All campaign elements will drive target audiences to visit – a website which possesses clear and straightforward materials to support decisions on what procedures are required or necessary, and what are not. For example, Choosing Wisely Canada would not recommend the ordering of diagnostic imaging for lower-back pain of less than six weeks duration unless there are red flags.

“Choosing Wisely Canada is about changing the culture that more is always better when it comes to medical tests and procedures,” said Dr. Wendy Levinson, founder of Choosing Wisely Canada, and a faculty member at the University of Toronto. “The goal of this is about providing good care with the right patient getting the right test and treatment and avoiding unnecessary tests and procedures.” The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is a lead partner in the campaign, which is focusing on linking best available medical evidence to both physicians and their patients. “The Choosing Wisely Canada lists and materials being developed are not only a valuable conversation starter, but also a way for patients to get good, useful and trustworthy information,” said Dr. Chris Simpson, CMA President-Elect. “Choosing Wisely Canada will empower both physicians and their patients to be true partners in care.”


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National Arts Centre Orchestra: 2014-15 Season – Brochure


March, 2014


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National Arts Centre – Ad



March 1, 2014 “It’s hard to top last week. However, the Margaret Atwood ad in this weekend’s Globe and Mail comes very, very close. The ad is so beautiful – the colours rich, the photo engaging and the storytelling compelling – all the elements are present to create a memorable moment. The new visual identity is the icing on the cake. Bravo.”

Diane Landry, Director of Marketing, National Arts Centre


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