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The Griffin Trust – Griffin Poetry Prize – Poster


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The Griffin Trust – Griffin Poetry Prize – Website


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The Griffin Trust – Griffin Poetry Prize – Bookmarks


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Fields Institute – Name Refinement and Branding

“There was universal delight and there were smiles all around the table during the presentation of our new brand to the Board. Everyone recognized the aptness of the logo, the link of chalk to math and thought it was timely for the Fields to move ahead.”

Elaine Riehm, Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences


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Fields Institute – Case for Support


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Fields Institute – Posters


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Fields Institute – Chalk Box Giveaway


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National Arts Centre – Vancouver Magazine Ads

“I’ve been looking at the Vancouver Magazine Ads for the past few days… and I keep being dazzled and moved by them. And that seems like the perfect segue to tell you what a brilliant (and touching) campaign you did for us in British Columbia. You took a difficult assignment, and you turned it into a source of pride for everyone who works at (or with) the NAC. Thank you so very, very much.”

Peter Herrndorf, President and CEO, Canada’s National Arts Centre


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